Why we exist

Kim’s Web Design and Marketing

Why We Exist

Out of 1,295,973,827 (& increasing) Websites on the internet today, Kim’s Websites are the Key to Help You Stand Out

Hello! I am Kim and welcome to Kim’s Websites!

I am your wacky, friendly, and passionate website creator. As a digital fanatic, I love spending my time crafting customised solutions for my clients in the online world. What started out as a hobby eventually became a full-time (24/7) business for me, and now – my team!

The Story Where This All Started

Well, my dad has his own business and had it before we (me and my 4 sisters) were born. He had been trying to get a website created for many years, through different web designers, each of them letting him down, time and time again. Jumping between web designers as they just take the money and never – I mean never, deliver an end result. So on this last occasion, he asked me to sit in on a Skype meeting with a web developer from overseas. They talked him through the offer in the most boring way possible, explained how long the process is, and when we went through the portfolio of their completed work, I was less than impressed. For the price? Holy Moley, were their clients getting ripped off.

So, as I had experience helping him maintain the half websites that were set up for him from those so-called ‘designers’ I was able to use WordPress and other platforms to help him. At the point where my dad was about to say yes to this lady, I put my foot down. He was not going to pay a single cent more. I was determined to learn the ropes so my dad did not get ripped off for any second longer.

So I jumped to solution mode. I learnt everything I could about WordPress and other building platforms and built him his first real website. Kim’s Websites was just waiting to be released.

Now it is my mission to save you! I want to save as many ‘my dad’s’ as possible. No one should get ripped off, no one should be less than proud to show their websites to their clients, no one should be ashamed of the end result, no one should sit back and take a less than an awesome website!

Websites do not have to be ugly, nor lack functionality, they can now be easily mobile optimised, they can easily integrate, they can easily represent your brand, your message, your purpose and most importantly, you!

The Mission and Point of This All

From single web design up to the first blog entry;

From its successful launch up to the first purchase;

From your first penny up to the thousands in your account,

I am on a mission TO GUIDE YOU ALL THE WAY to online success.

With my digital skillset and business acumen, I will drive your online presence to the next level.

The Services I Offer

With high-quality digital assets and website building platforms, programs and tech, YOU WILL RECEIVE an optimised and responsive web design that can form a solid foundation for your reputation or relaunch your brand to your ideal customers.

Together, we will build your brand with the right industry keywords, the right look, the right features, the right messaging so your website can communicate to your customers. I will then fill your website with all the goodies that create a great customer experience that converts your website visitors to paying customers.

Over a short period, I have produced a number of rocking websites with high-quality content for my valued clients at an affordable price. I guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee to bring peace of mind for your investment.

Let’s have a chat and let me see what I can do for your business.

With my business – Kim’s Websites, your business is a single click away from your future success!