Why having a blog on your website is important for your small business

Kim's Website Design & Marketing Why having a blog on your website is important for your small business How blogging can boost SEO

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Why having a blog on your website is important for your small business

How blogging can boost SEO

We are in the information age and having a proper digital marketing strategy is important for any small business to thrive in the highly competitive market. Having a well-structured website that displays the details about your business and what you do is a great way to start your digital marketing strategy. But this shouldn’t be the end. Because the rate at which you’ll get traffic on your static website will be extremely low. It is a known strategy that adding a blog to your website or having an independent blog will drive a lot of traffic onto your website. This is because search engines favour websites that have dynamic and engaging content. Remember blogs are all about dynamic and engaging content.

Studies have shown that 80% of businesses that use blogging as one of their digital marketing strategies have been able to get customers from blogging. And also 82% of small business owners admit that blogging is important for their business. However, you will only see the benefits of blogging if it’s properly done and on a more frequent basis. In today’s article, I am going to share with you 6 reasons why you need to have blogging as one of your digital marketing strategies as a small business.

What can blogging do?

  • It boosts Search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website

Search engines like google, yahoo and Bing give more priority to fresh and relevant content and blogging will surely give you that. For instance, when someone searches for something using any of the search engines, the results displayed will be arranged in order of relevance. Fresh content is considered more relevant by most search engines hence appearing ahead of older content. That is why it is important to blog as frequent as you can to make sure you always have some new content that will be indexed by search engines.

  • It bridges the gap between your brand and your customers.

Creating content that educates your audience about a certain topic will make your customers feel like they are cared for. This will give them a reason to always come to your blog to look for something new that they will learn. In the long run, they get more attached and loyal to your brand. As a growing business you need these loyal customers because they are the people that will have your back even when your business is in tough times.

  • It presents your brand as a leader in the industry

When you share knowledge for your customers to learn from, your brand will be seen as one of those that understands what they are selling. For instance, if your business sells shoes and you create content talking about the best shoes to wear on your first date. This will present you as a brand that knows a lot about shoes beyond selling them.

  • Its an opportunity to get feedback from customers

When you create your blog posts, always have conclusions that trigger your audience to comment. Its through these comments that you will get the opinions of your customers and their reaction to the topic you wrote about. You can use this feedback to structure your next blogs and also to change a few things regarding the way you serve your customers

  • Blogging will help you market your new services

While blogging, you can also add some of the new products and services your offering. The most important thing here is to make sure these products are in line with the topic you are presenting in the blog. You should also add these services and products in a creative way so that it doesn’t look like the main intention of the post was to add the products. So, creating as many blog posts as possible will help you market your services a little more

  • Blogging will help your business get new customers

If someone is searching for a certain solution using a search engine and your website comes among those that has content related to the solution they’re looking for, there are some chances that this person may come back your blog to read more of your content. That’s if the first post they read solved their problem. Its through these visitors that you’ll get paying customers in the long run

Blogging is no doubt one of the most inexpensive ways of promoting your small business online. And with the benefits we have discussed above, you should consider creating one for your business as soon as possible. However, having a blog that is idle is equivalent to not having one. The only way you will benefit from the blog is through creating engaging content more often. One final thing you need to note is the results will not be immediate, so it is important to be patient and keep the moment for some good amount of time.