Why every website needs a blog in their Website Design plans

Why every website needs a blog in their website design plans

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Why every website needs a blog in their Website Design plans

Anyone reading this article would have probably heard about the popular digital marketing phrase; “content is king.” This phrase basically means having quality content on your website or social media has a significant contribution to a brand’s success on the internet. One of the most reliable platforms for publishing fresh content to your website is through a blog – make sure you include this in your website design plans.

In this context, a blog is a web page that contains written content about topics within your industry. In this article, I will discuss some of the core benefits of adding a blog into your website design brief. Let’s get into this;

  1. Improves the website’s SEO ranking

    Fresh content is always favoured by search engines. Through a blog, you can regularly publish insightful articles, which can increase the website’s visibility in search engines. Articles give you the avenue to add keywords that your target audience will likely use while searching for anything in line with your business. For the best results, you will have to do some keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords to use.

  2. Creates a bond between the brand and its customers

    When you give your customers value through the content on your blog, it will be natural for them to become loyal to your brand. The idea is to write articles that add value to your audience. It could be an article about the latest trends in your industry or something to do with how your customers can get the best out of one of the products you sell.

    This bond can be a deal-breaker for a customer choosing between your brand and the rest of the competition. People usually give back to brands that give them value.

  3. Long term source of traffic

    Unlike social media where posts vanish from people’s newsfeeds within minutes, content on your blog will be indexed by search engines for many years. So, whenever someone searches for anything related to one of your articles, a link to that article will always be among the search results. You can continually update your articles to make them more relevant and fresher.

  4. Platform to share ideas

    You can use your blog as a platform to share your ideas with your audience. Besides boosting your SEO ranking, you can use your blog to share your thoughts and ideas about the trending events in your industry, sharing tips and tricks but also showing your own generosity. Sharing ideas will make your brand look like the industry leader, which boosts loyalty and trust amongst your target customers. Not only this but if you are sharing unlimited amounts of knowledge or making sure all of the barriers of info access are down, they will realise that if your free services are so robust, to just image your paid services. Don’t hold back. Sharing is caring.

  5. A platform for advertising your services

    While creating content, you can always add relevant links to some of the products/services you sell. However, you need to do this creatively to avoid appearing pushy to those that read your content. You can also choose to write some articles that are specifically geared to advertising some of your products. However, the main focus for most of the articles should always be on value addition and not only selling your products.

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