Top 5 plugins That Every WordPress Website Should Have in 2020

WordPress is the most used content management system on the internet as of today. This platform is used by many famous brands like Sony Music, TechCrunch, BBC America, Bloomberg professional, Microsoft News, Facebook Newsroom, Vogue, etc. There is a reason why all these brands use WordPress. One of these reasons is because WordPress has lots of plugins that can improve a website’s user experience.

With thousands of plugins available for WordPress sites, you may be asking yourself which ones are essential and which ones are not. That’s the question I am going to answer today. I am going to share with you the top 6 plugins that will drastically help you improve the UX of yousor site.

Here are the top 6 plugins that I think every website should have

Yoast SEO

Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation of your site is what will help you get free traffic from search engines. WordPress itself is already a fully SEO-optimized Content Management System (CMS) but there is still a lot you can do to increase your SEO rank in search engines. There are quite a number of SEO tools that you can use to improve your websites’ ranking as far as SEO services Australia is concerned. Yoast SEO services in Melbourne is among those I would happily recommend.

As of today, over 7,412,434 websites use Yoast SEO to improve their websites’ SEO performance. This plugin will help you optimize your website for social media marketing Australia, connect your site to google search console, check focus words, etc. So why not try it out today to improve your site’s SEO.


This plugin is currently being used by over 3 million websites on the internet. It is mainly used for collecting customer information. You can use it to create contact forms and survey forms that you can use to collect customers contact for mainly digital marketing services and getting in touch with them when need arises.

WP Super cache

We all know website users of today are not patient enough to wait for slow websites to load. With lots of alternatives available, a customer will always go to a different website if yours is taking a lot of time to load. This in the end will hurt the overall result of whatever you’re trying to push on your website. That’s why you need a tool that can change this

WP Super cache is a tool that has the reputation of increasing the loading speed of websites. Here is how it does it; WP Super cache stores the pages(data) that users normally search for on your site and always sends this data faster to the browser instead of having to process the whole page from scratch. This in turn increase the loading speed of the web pages when someone is using your website.

Google XML sitemap

Search engines will often crawl your website to index your content so that it appears in search results whenever someone searches for something related to your content. To effectively get the data on your site, search engines need a sitemap. Not having a sitemap will make it hard for search engines to index your content which in the end hurts your website’s SEO.

You can create the sitemap manually but this takes lots of time and effort. That’s where Google XML sitemap comes in. This tool will automatically create the site map for your site that search engines can use to index your content. The sitemap created is not only for Google but for all search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Monster Insights

This is the number one Google analytics plugin at the moment. Google analytics is what gives you most of the information about the performance of your site and how your traffic behaves while on the site. Installing Monster Insights in your website will have you get access to all the google analytics data in real time

Some of the data you will get includes; the number of clicks on your affiliate links and Ad burners, real time stats about how your pages and posts are performing, access to your google analytics report, etc. You can later use all this data to improve the performance of your website.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

The quality of your images has a big impact on how your UI looks in front of your users. But remember high definition images are always large in size and will affect the loading time of your web pages that often frustrates users. That’s why it is important to compress these images to make sure they don’t affect the loading speed of the web pages

That’s where Smush Image Compression and Optimization comes in. This tool will help you compress all the images you upload on your website without compromising their quality. At the end of the day, you will have light yet good quality images on your site.


Most of the tools that we shared above are mainly related to SEO and website performance. This is because those two aspects will play a vital role as far as your website’s success is concerned. There could be other plugins but the above are a must if you to improve the general user experience of your website. Don’t have the time to learn these things? You can look for the best digital marketing company in Australia and help you setup your website.