The Spiderryyy Web & its Important Interconnectedness for SEO and ranking on Google!

When we talk about the internet and websites, what immediately comes to your mind?

I am thinking that you immediately think of a bunch of browser tabs opened, each website offering different services. Most times, people may be quick to think that websites are not connected. However, the reverse is actually the case in all scenarios as websites work like spider webs. In simple words, they are all uniquely connected.

First, we can liken the Google search engine to be the spider that spins the web. Spiders have unique web spinning activities and they determine where the web should be strongest or weakest. Now, I know that you are burning to ask the question, how is Google the spider?

The answer is that Google is a big tech company that has dominated the search engine industry. Being a website itself, it is like a gateway that leads web visitors like you to other doors. There are other search engines like Bing but they simply do not measure up to the might of great Google.

Immediately you, the web visitor reaches Google, it acts like a sticky web and gets the visitor hooked by offering different websites which you may like. In other to keep you back for a little while, it offers you a host of suggestions that you would love. And Google is able to do all these by SEOs.

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization and it is a way that all websites try to rank high on Google. So, like the spider’s web, the SEOs may be in the form of keywords and other set of important guidelines that websites adhere to in order to rank high. So, the question is this, how does Google rank them high and how does Google try to link all websites together?

There are many several ways Google tries to encourage websites to link with each other. For instance, there is what is known as backlinks. If a website like leaves a link to in his website, that is regarded as a backlink. In that way, the site visitor would be able to easily move to Amazon to purchase something. Now, a website like Wikipedia which gives information about anything and anybody has many backlinks within. That is the reason why it easily ranks in the first whenever things are searched. For instance, if you want to know something about John Grisham the author, when you type in his name in Google, Wikipedia will definitely come up first. This is because the Wikipedia page contains information about him along with many solid backlinks. By solid backlinks, I mean that they lead to reputable websites. Can you see how the web spreads now?

The second way that Google helps to link websites is local listings. Have you ever flipped through a yellow page? For those who may not know, a yellow page is just like address book where businesses, names etc. were listed. In the past, it served as a means of helping businesses in connecting. Through local listing services offered online now, the knit of businesses has been strengthened. With the listing of businesses at the same website, it is easy for web visitors to reach the websites and patronize them accordingly. So, like a very strong spider web, a listing site ensures that many websites can be in one place and be reachable.

Another strong quality that make websites remain bond is citations. As a form of memory refresher, citations are quotes that are backed up with references. As you know, there are so many websites that are offering the same kind of content, services etc. However, there is always a need for websites to remain dynamic and avoid plagiarism or copyright issues if any kind. So, what many websites do is create their content and then recognize other websites for putting the same ideas forward. This recognition is through citation. Due to these citations which are numerous on the internet, web visitors are able to access many websites through themselves. For instance, you may be browsing on and then see that he cites Robert Kyiosaki for a particular idea. In citing Kyiosaki’s website, it has enabled readers to easily move to that website to get more information to better themselves.

Currently, many are talking about social media and its numerous positive benefits. In the real sense, social media comprises of many websites which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. There are probably more that are being launched as you read this article. However, what do you notice about them?

The answer is interconnectedness.

Their aim is to ensure that you and your business/brand remain connected to the outside world at all times. These websites are so much interconnected that you would almost be required to link one of them to the other. Currently, anyone willing to open an Instagram account may open with an active Facebook account. And such a person that wants to post a picture or video on Instagram has the option of posting the same content to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. That is how connected these websites are at the moment.

In conclusion, while some people may maintain that websites do not necessarily connect because many are in competition, the truth is really different. The simple truth is that the internet which consists of different sites keeps on growing stronger. It is almost becoming impossible to run any successful endeavor without the internet. This is the reason why the spider web keeps on growing stronger. Google keeps releasing specific instructions that are meant to allow the bond within different websites to strengthen. In no small measure, Google will keep being that glue that binds many websites together. Also, website managers have already understood that like humans, no successful website is an Island. Hence, there is always special attention placed on interlinking with other websites. In that way, the web keeps on getting stronger and long lasting.