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WHat's with your wix fix?

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They have a lot of support options, so check out their tutorials, guides and more. But if you would like someone to just jump in and do it for you because you don’t have the time or the know-how, we are here to help.

From simply connecting your domain name to the site, adding new pages for you and connecting it to your menu bar, to animating features, adding events, connecting payment options and more, we are the go-to helper that wont cost you an arm and a leg to get the job done quickly, cost effectively and of great quality.

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Your Wix Fix Pricing

5 page Web Design. One time payment of $197 (Excludes wix costs)”

Wix Fix

Basic Services
$27 each Limited Time Only
  • Link your emails
  • Connect your custom domain name
  • Link a new page to navigation menu
  • Create a form
  • Create an autoresponder
  • Quote / Invoice Section Setup

Wix Fix

Premium Services
  • Set up Wix Bookings (Online Scheduling)
  • Create events (+$12 per added event)
  • Complete the SEO activities
  • eCommerce setup (+$12 per eCommerce product added or ask for a custom discount price for bulk uploads and set ups)
  • Blog setup (adding blogs may cost extra per blog, if this is for you, please request a custom discount quote)
  • Payment integrations

Web Design

Your Wix Fix
Full Wix Web Design $497 One Time Fee (excludes Wix costs)
  • 5 Pages
  • Connect your custom domain name
  • Create Contact Forms
  • Link Your Emails
  • Customising Your Layout and Designs
  • Analytics setup
Limited Sale
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