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Social Media Marketing

With so many social media platforms available for all kinds of businesses, it gets really confusing and overwhelming to manage. Choosing the right channels for your business is very important, and focusing on the right ones guarantee success in the long-run. 

Although social media may look easy at first, it is when you actually start planning and strategising your campaign where most just get overwhelmed. With Kim’s Websites, not only we can help you choose the right platform, but also give you the tools and knowledge on how we can leverage them to your business’ advantage.



Let us create engaging content with your brand and get higher interactions from your audience.

Custom Campaigns

Let’s set and keep track of your business goals and use social media to achieve them.

Advanced Analytics

No more need for purely intuitive marketing as we will use numbers to determine your campaign’s success.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Expand your business reach to other markets without any compromises.

Convert Audience into Customers

Turn audiences into followers and followers into customers for life.

Customer Service

Get to know the best practices towards handling customer concerns and keep your customers for the decades ahead.

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Platforms We Work With

Kim'S Websites Social Media Marketing Your Local Face To Face Or Online Web Designer &Amp; Marketing Expert Social Media Marketing
Increase engagement

Social Media Management

With custom-built branded content, you can increase you brand’s reach, close more sales, and tap into new markets through the process. We will make your life easier by setting up a meeting, setting business goals, discussing with you the tools we can use, and implement it ourselves without giving you any worries. Let’s work together and level up your social media game!

I would highly recommend Kim and her services for all aspects of business wether it being a new or already established business. Her knowledge, professionalism and compassion are incomparable. Kim really gets to know your needs and desires, she is there for you throughout the entire process and beyond. Kim has exceeded all my expectcations and for this, she will be my port of call for guidance and coaching.

- Vanessa S

Social Media Advertising

Having a promotion or a brand new solution you want to bring out to the world? Let us assist you in advertising your products and services, and save both time and money. 

With our streamlined paid advertising process, we make sure our partners don’t spend on what they don’t have to. From sales funnels, to landing page creation, we ensure to optimise every detail of your campaign and aim to close sales with the least amount of effort.

Kim'S Websites Social Media Marketing Your Local Face To Face Or Online Web Designer &Amp; Marketing Expert Social Media Marketing

Kim is an exceptional human being with a selfless heart, strong skill sets and genuine care for her clients. It's been almost 12 months since I was in the process of buying a business. She was initially introduced to me as someone who can complete a business plan for me. She did that amazingly well. Then she went on to help me over the next 3 months to carry out all the operational tasks involved in taking over a business. That transition period for me was effortless due to her presence. She was thorough, she was super responsive, she cared about every small detail and made everything go seamlessly. Thank you so much Kim, without you I will not be in business enjoying my first year anniversary in a few weeks time. I wish you all the very best with all your business transactions.

- Dhilharan S
Kim'S Websites Social Media Marketing Your Local Face To Face Or Online Web Designer &Amp; Marketing Expert Social Media Marketing
see your strengths

Tired of all the guessing game when it comes to marketing? Let’s use the power of numbers instead and make the necessary tweaks on your campaign with our experience and technical know-how.

With both analytics and targeting, we can create the ideal buyer persona just from your current pool of followers and reach out to more people similar to their profiles. Get rid of all the guessing and let us guide you in targeting the right people.  

Kim was amazing at helping with our business setup. She organised our whole website proactively and got it up and running within a couple of days. She is so pleasant to work with; and nothing is a problem for her. We would strongly recommend Kim.

- Sam D
sales page

Landing Page Creation

Convert customers with a well-build landing sales page. Best to use when advertising in social media or in search enginers. 

seo & sem

Search Engine Marketing

Need help in boosting your website ranking? Consult with us and let’s put your business on top of everyone’s minds!


Web Design & Development

Bring your brand to the next level with a well-designed website and increase customer satisfaction with top-notch functionalities.


Frequently asked questions


Sites can range from $297 for a new website start to finish depending on your requirements, selected building platforms and the functions you may need.

We can assist with creating your entire website content, should you need the assistance. We will ensure that your website communicates the exact message that you need to convey to your potential customers. To find out more, please call or message us and we can lead you in the right direction on what may be best for you.

We understand that in starting a new business, launching or relaunching your business and or it’s products or services, you may need help, guidance and expertise to lead you on the best pathway to reach your goals. Not only can we have a low cost consultation, we can also complete the full branding and marketing strategy on your behalf providing your full end to end branding assets, story, tone, graphics, logos and more. We can provide customised branding and marketing plans, tailored to your exact business purpose, or we can just help with a simple answer over a phone call. Call us today to see how we can help you succeed.

We can create almost anything in terms of graphics, motion graphics, gifs, logos, videos, presentations, animations and more. Our team of skilled graphic designers are here to cater to your business needs whether they may be simple or complex. We can help you with your projects if you need an extra hand, or 10.


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