Get Social v1 – The Start Socialising Package

Is your business not yet active on social media? It’s now 2020, and more and more people are now sticking their eyes on their phones more than they socially interact. And what do they do? They are most likely browsing on social media for stories, posts, news, and of course, window shopping for products & services!

Now I am sure you would want to get a piece of the pie but are you one of those who’s wondering how to start? We’ll not only offer you the best advise and practices in doing social media marketing, but also do most of the work for you! Curious on what we can do for you? Read more below or let’s have a quick hassle-free no-commitment free meeting!

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1 Month



Social Media Management Daily Checklist


  • Check Inbox
    • Respond
  • Check Mentions
    • Respond
  • Check Comments
    • Respond
  • Monitor Keywords
  • Invite Engaged Users to Like Page


Social Media Management Weekly Checklist


  • Check Analytics
    • Any Patterns?
    • What is Working?
    • What is not Working?
  • Engage With 1 Industry Influencer
  • Update Bios w/ Relevant Links
  • Optimise Avatars/Banners


Social Media Management Monthly Checklist


  • Client Strategy Session
  • Social Media Audit
  • Set Strategy for Upcoming Month
  • Goal Check-In
  • Hashtag Research


Content and Caption Creation Checklist


  • Establish Strategy
  • Create posts that are
    • motivational,
    • entertaining,
    • educational; and
    • sales related.
  • Create Captions to engage the users