Magnetise Leads to Your Business with Lead Magnets

Magnetise Leads to Your Business with Lead Magnets

We are living through a time of fear and angst, a period that will change the course of history. Coronavirus is new and scary, and it’s a pivotal moment in humankind. As we are faced with changes to the way we operate our businesses, the way we interact with each other and even the way we handle money, there is only one type of business person that can come out on the other side of this pandemic with the means to succeed – the generous.

Amidst the hysteria lie golden nuggets of opportunity. Providing value to your customers.

What we have seen in the past couple of months has been an extreme eye opener about the core of humanity when we are faced with panic, fear and desperation. While we have seen greed, envy, hatred and impatience spill out from society, it’s very important to note that this has been far outweighed with a heavy contrast of love, compassion, patience and generosity. We are all humans. We are all faced with the same, very real, danger.

This shift in the world has happened right before our very eyes and it all happened faster than a speeding motorbike (I love motorbikes – so had to throw it in there). Resistance to change is one of the biggest inhibitors of success, so despite the fear we feel with regard to massive global issues, we must experience and explore the ways our businesses can benefit from this. Change urges us to innovate, think outside the box and take efficiencies to a higher level. More importantly, the relationships you can build with your customers throughout this time are unlike that of any other.

People will always remember the business that supported them and understood them through crisis. Providing people real value during this time will position you above competitors. Not just by giving a discount, but by solving a problem or getting them to their goals, despite what is going on in the world today.

One way we can do this is through the creation of a simple, clear and concise, easily digestible information in the form of a lead magnet or a freebie of some kind. This is a perfect swap of some juicy free info, for the persons basic contact details. It’s a time to build and cement real and deep relationships, which will form the strong foundation on which this new era will rely.

Doesn’t sound like much, huh?

It doesn’t take a lot to whip up some sort of freebie for your potential clients. Yes this kinda thing is given away for free, but in return for their contact details on your email marketing list begins the very fun and rewarding process of getting to know them, what they need and nurturing them along their own individual journey through to being a possible customer of your business when the time is right.

Think of it like this. First, you tell them who you are. Then, you prove your worth by providing them with some actionable information that instantly improves their circumstances. You’ve positioned yourself as an expert now, and they trust you. Over time – now that they’re receiving your email newsletters – they become more familiar with you, and even more amazed at your knowledge, generosity and value! Before long, you’re the first one they think of when they need the product or service offered by your industry. Now, they’re a paying customer & your hard work earns that patiently awaited return.

Some businesses do survive off referrals alone, others have built their client base over many years and are operating near full capacity. But for others, the mystery of finding ways to find your ideal perfect customer, or getting existing customers to buy again is a puzzle to solve.

So let us help you out.

Firstly, here are the reasons they are needed today from your customers’ perspective

  • Now, there’s downtime. People are searching (right now) for everything they haven’t had time to look up before.
  • People are at a crossroads in their life – they are now prompted to re-evaluate everything
  • It’s a new beginning – people want a fresh start but don’t know how to get started
  • End of life as we know it – people need guidance on how to get through
  • Sometimes giving from the heart should be done, just because.

Here’s why you should create it from your businesses perspective:

  • It builds trust with your prospect
  • You can establish yourself as a valuable party in their world
  • It self-sorts your ideal customers from the rest
  • You attract new clients
  • Has a higher likelihood of converting them into a buying customer when the time is right
  • Revenue generation
  • Grows your network, email list or social media connections

Here is what a lead magnet would typically look like:

  • It would focus on one idea that you can deliver immediate value through
  • It should have a benefit – what’s in it for your prospect?
  • It would have a clear crossover of the value the lead magnet supplies to the services you offer.
  • It should be beautifully designed, aligned with your business brand for consistency, brand recognition, familiarity and more.

Here are different ideas for lead magnets:

– Planners

– Lists

– E-books

– Mini course

– Webinar

– Training

– Free trial

– Workbooks

– Quick tips

– How-to-guides

– Industry report

– Your secret notes

– Swipe files

– Resource list

– Trackers

– Discount code

– Quiz & results

– Voice clip

– Video series

So, people, get out there, give value at this crucial time and you will get customers in return.

Check out our next article on how to use these lead magnets to get you real results.

Now it’s our turn to add value. Head over to or InMail me. We are offering, 75% off the normal costs of a lead magnet. We know what clients want and more importantly, we know business. Let us create the perfect lead magnet for your business that’s going to be drumming up leads in no time.

This is one of the smallest investments you can make when it comes to brand awareness – and this evergreen marketing technique will keep your business name in the mouths of households for years to come.

Something we’ve seen in the past few weeks is that timing the market can lead to devastation. So don’t hesitate – CONTACT US NOW to get started, position yourself ahead of your competitors with one of our high quality, custom copywritten and made – lead magnets or create your own today and take your prospect relationships further.

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Stay safe everyone!

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