Ideal Fonts for Your Typography Needs

Whether you are a graphic designer or a start-up entrepreneur, you’ll come across an idea to create typography or an all-text design with different fonts.

As visual art is crucial for your online reputation, be sure to CHOOSE THE IDEAL FONTS to create stunning typography in a matter of seconds. Using fonts that are easy to read are key to presentation. The fonts add value to your text. It helps readers to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of color, font and text size is crucial and vital for attracting your target audience. Typography has two main purposes in graphic design. The first is to promote legibility, and the second is to help communicate the messaging, tone, and sentiment of a design piece. There is also another function for typography and that revolves around aesthetics. Our attention is quickly drawn to visually attractive designs that are clean and easy on the eyes. In contrast, if a design is busy, confusing, and causes us to strain our eyes, we run the other way. For this few reasons and for the benefits of your website, advertisements on social media platforms  or flyer design it’s important to learn how to effectively use typography in graphic design. Here are a few samples of the most recommended fonts for your social media content:

For title headers

Hello Stockholm


Selima Free


Frontage Outline



For subheader titles


Agne Regular

Moon (Light/Bold)

Alcubierre Regular

Arciform Sans

For body texts



Titallium Sans and Dosis

Which font do you think is best for your website?

Tell us about it!