How to get Traffic for your Newly Created Website

How to get Traffic for your Newly Created Website - Kims Website Design & Marketing Melbourne

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How to get Traffic for your Newly Created Website

If you have just created a new website, one of the major challenges you will face in the first couple of weeks or even months is getting traffic. Remember, without traffic, your website is almost worthless. Despite having over 4.88 billion people using the internet, getting a fraction of them to visit your website is not an obvious task as many might think.

However, if you use the right strategies, getting a good number of people to visit your new website is not that complicated. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 5 tested strategies that you can use to get traffic on your newly created website.

  1. Go all-in with social media marketing

    Use your social media account to share with your followers and friends links to the different pages of your site. Of course, you need to give them enough reason to click these links. That is where creativity and creating valuable content come in.

    Add a blog webpage to your website and use it to valuable content to make it more natural for your target audience to click the links you share on social media. For faster results, you should even consider running paid Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with links that lead people to your products page or blog posts.

  2. Use keywords appropriately

    You need to do keyword research to figure out the keywords that your potential customers will likely use while searching for anything related to the products/services you sell. You should then use these keywords within your product descriptions and blog articles. Appropriately using these keywords in your content will boost your rank in search engine results. (SEO)

  3. Write guest posts

    Another tested way of getting traffic to your website is publishing guest posts on the most popular websites and news platforms. Make sure you offer as much value as you can while creating these posts, and then add a link to your website within or just under the post. If readers find value in your content, they will most likely visit your website to know more about what it is about.

  4. Email newsletters

    Email marketing is still one of the most reliable methods for promoting new websites. But first, you need to have an email list, so you will have to get these emails from your prospects. One of the ways you can do this is by creating a Google form and requesting your followers on social media to share their emails in order to be updated whenever you publish new content on your site.

  5. Use paid Ads

    You can also run paid search engines Ad on Google and other search engines that offer this option. However, Google is the one I would recommend since it holds over 90% of the search engine market share. These Ads are usually charged using a Pay Per Click (PPC) model. The average cost for each click is usually about $1. For the best results, you need to target the right keywords while creating these paid Ads.