How A Lead Magnet Can Help You Get New Customers

Lead Magnets

Studies show that you can increase the chances of selling your product to a new customer by 85% if you give them a chance of trying it out for free. This is what we call a Lead magnet. To be more precise, a lead magnet refers to an incentive that you give to your potential customers to get their contact details.

Some examples of lead magnets include; trial versions for a software, newsletter, free eBook, a free video, etc. Brands normally give out these incentives in exchange for customers contact details. Later they use these details for e-mail marketing and other forms of marketing like SMS marketing. This form of marketing has proved to be fruitful over the years.

Many brands use lead magnets in their journey to getting new customers. We now know lead magnets are very important in generating leads, but how best can you use lead magnets to attract the right audience. In this article, I am going to share with you how you can use lead magnets to get the right audience for your product.

Here are some of the strategies you can use to get the best out of your lead magnets.

Your lead magnet should have some element of time

Studies show that people pay more attention to limited offers than those that have an infinite expiry. For instance, if you are advertising software, you can give a limited offer for like a month within which people have to subscribe to use that software for free. However, if you create a limited offer to and you don’t get your target number of leads you can always extend the date.

Present your lead magnet on the right platforms

As a marketer, one thing you need to know is not every platform is appropriate for your business. So, presenting your lead magnet on the right platform is what will get you better quality leads. For instance, if you are running an alcohol blog, it wouldn’t be a great idea to present your Lead magnet on LinkedIn.

The best option for such a niche would be Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube since they’re the platforms people run to for entertainment. Using the wrong platform to present your lead magnet will not only result in fewer leads but will also lead to less quality leads that may likely not turn into buying customers.

Use the discounts strategy

You may offer your customers a discount on one of your services for a limited number of days. This is because if someone is ready to buy your product say at a 30% discount, chances are high they like the product. So, in future when you send them an Email about other related products that you deal in, they will most likely do the purchase at the full price.

Use influencers in your niche

Using influencers within your niche to promote your lead magnet is another way you can get quality leads. While choosing influencers, make sure you choose those that have a good reputation in your niche. You may have to pay them some money, but if the influencer you chose commands a big audience, you will likely get quality leads at the end of your day.

Target your competitor’s audience with Facebook Ads

Presenting your lead magnet in the form of a Facebook Ad is another great way to reach a bigger audience to get as many leads as possible. However, getting quality leads is beyond running any type of Ad. You need to select your target audience carefully. One of the tested methods of selecting the right audience is through targeting your competitor’s followers.

There are high chances of finding people who may like your product in your competitor’s audience than a random audience that you’re not sure of what their likes and interests are.

Give people value in form of content

If your business is available on social media platforms, you can frequently create interactive content that triggers your followers to comment and share with their friends. Beneath every post, you can add a link to the lead magnet that you want your followers to try out. Chances are high that a big percentage of those who find value in your content will in the end follow the link and try out the offer.


Lead magnets have been used for many years and till today they are still a powerful tool for generating leads that in end may turn into paying customers. However, getting emails of people who are likely not going to buy your product is as good not getting the emails altogether.

The strategies I have shared above will not only help you to generate more leads but will also help you to get more quality leads. Such leads are what will increase your website traffic and paying customers at the end of the day. Of course, it goes without saying that proper execution of these strategies is a must, and that’s why we are here! Easily reach us here so we can have a quick chat on how we can level up your business!