Digital Marketing Automation Tools That You Need in 2022

Digital Marketing Automation Tools That You Need in 2022


As a business owner, you need to market your digital marketing services in order to get customers to buy them. But besides marketing there are quite a number of other tasks that you need to execute in order to grow your business. Digital marketing services Australia is one of the most efficient ways of getting customers today thanks to the large number of people using the internet worldwide.

However digital marketing agencies can take a lot of time especially if you’re marketing your digital marketing services Melbourne on so many platforms. At times you may end up ignoring some platforms and you end up missing out on connecting with potential customers. This is where the digital marketing services Melbourne come in to save you.

So, what is digital marketing automation?

Digital marketing automation is simply the process of automating some of your marketing tasks using software. Digital marketing tools are mainly used in scheduling content on different platforms, bringing all the comments and messages for the different platforms in one place and also giving feedback (analytics) regarding how the content you published in performing on the different platforms.

Why is digital marketing automation important?

It will save you a lot of time

Instead of having to create and monitor the performance of content for every platform independently, you can do all this in one place. The automation tools will help you create and schedule content for all the platforms in one place. Thereafter, they format this content in an appropriate way that suits the different platforms before publishing it. In the end, they also give feedback regarding how the posts are performing (analytics). This will save you almost 80% of the time that you would have wasted doing all these tasks manually

Consistency in publishing content

Have you ever wanted to publish content on all platforms at the same time every day? It could be because you want all your followers on the different platforms get the information at the same time. This may not be easy to do manually. But with an automation tool, you can schedule all your posts to be posted at the same time on all platforms and it will do exactly that. Such consistency is what increases the engagement and audience of brands on the different digital platforms.

Let’s now look at the top 5 digital marketing automation tools


HubSpot has a wide range of software tools that you can use to automate marketing, sales and customer services. So, once you get on this platform, you’ll be given the option to choose the tools you want to use. The pricing of their automation tools range between $40 to $3200 per month. brings all the information you need about your customers in your one place to ease making of marketing decisions. This platform is very helpful when it comes to email marketing. You can send personalized emails to each of your customers based on how they have previously interacted with your brand. Their basic package is at $150 per month and the premium package is $995 per month.


This platform is now under Adobe and is one of the most popular digital marketing agencies with automation tools. With Marketo , you can automate lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, mobile marketing, revenue attribution, and account based marketing. They have three standard packages that cost $895, $1,795, and $3,175 per month.

Oracle Eloqua

This is an intelligent digital marketing tool for B2B businesses. This platform has been around since 1999. Its role is helping B2B businesses generate leads and they have consistently become better at doing this every year that passes. It’s by no surprise that this tool was ranked by Gartner as a Leader for its clear market understanding and sales strategy.

Their three pricing packages include the basic at $2000/month, Standard at $4000/month. The pricing for the enterprise package requires contacting their sales team for more details.


Hootsuite is a social media marketing automation tool. With Hootsuite you can schedule all your posts, manage content, measure the performance of your posts, and also filter conversations from the different social media platforms all in one place. Hootsuite will also help you get all the information regarding performance of your posts and conversions from all your social media accounts.

Hootsuite has 4 pricing packages that include the following; professional at $19/month, team at $99/month, and Business at $599/month. For the enterprise package, you will have to contact their sales team to get the pricing.


Digital marketing automation is the way to go if you want to be consistent with your digital marketing services and also save time to do other tasks. There are quite a number of tools that can help you do this but the above are my top 5 tools that you should try out. Most of them have trial versions. So you could first use the trial versions to find out whether the software meets the needs of your marketing strategy before subscribing. Want to save even more time so you can focus on operating your business? Know more about digital marketing services in Australia.