Best Colour Palettes to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Website colour pallettes that work!

Colours play a lowkey yet vital role in the overall appearance of your website. Be sure to choose the best colour combination that suits perfectly for your brand. Of all the colour variations, pick the ones that speak the most to your audience and deliver desirable results from your website.

Would you prefer strong colours like red and violet? Or those with cooler tones like yellow and green? You can also choose colour combinations that are colourful and balanced, bright accent colours, natural and earthy, cool and fresh, and a lot more.

Whatever your choice is, it is important to choose the colours that reflect best on your products and website design services.

Yes, your favorite pink may be a fancy colour but will it suit perfectly on your gardening services? Or if you opt to use red from successful brands like Coca-Cola, does that colour fit your meditation classes?

Think clearly about what colour to use and choose the colour that is perfect for your brand.

Here are some guidelines that you can use:

  • Red – danger, passion, excitement, energy
  • Orange – fresh, youthful, creative, adventurous
  • Yellow – optimistic, cheerful, playful, happy
  • Green – natural, vitality, prestige, wealth
  • Blue – communicative, trustworthy, calming, depressed
  • Purple – royalty, majesty, spiritual, mysterious
  • Brown – organic, wholesome, simple, honest
  • Pink – feminine, sentimental, romantic, exciting
  • Black – sophisticated, formal, luxurious, sorrowful
  • White – purity, simplicity, innocence, minimalism

Colours connect to people’s emotions.

The lightness and darkness of a certain colour add personality to your brand, and that connection that you establish with your audience is a key factor in why they would want to avail your latest product or enroll in your next webinar.

Invest time in searching for the perfect colour for your brand and let it decide for the future of your business.