You’re on your computer researching for information late at night while listening to a song on YouTube while simultaneously chatting with your friends on Facebook. It’s dark, you’re on your fifteenth tab and you wish to switch between them to compare information, as well as socialize. Then you found that holy grail of information and experience that satisfaction of closing all the tabs you don’t need. But how were you able to do that? How did you instinctively know it’s Facebook, YouTube and an article site that you’re clicking on? Well that was made possible through Favicons.

Favicons are those tiny website logos you see first thing on the left side of your tab. They are great visual guides and could easily brand your company’s logo to people’s memory. Websites that don’t have their own favicon will only show a world icon or the logo from the website builder itself. They are an immediate visual marker for the website which enables easy and quick identification for web users as well as unifies all of the various browser components into a well branded browsing experience. It’s extremely important to have your own favicon since it helps make your website pop out more, look professional and much easier to navigate when your audience has a knack for opening multiple tabs at once.

If you want to know more about them and how we can update your website to have them, please contact us and we’ll be happy do work with you.