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Kim’s Websites & Marketing is about making websites  and marketing accessible and affordable for anyone with a dream to start or grow their business and have an online presence!

For far too long, websites have been super expensive. Sure, there are some incredible website builders around but even as simplistic as these builders have been made for the end user, there is still a couple of problems. 1. No time! And 2. Its still tricky to learn, let alone, do yourself. AND if you were to hire a web designer, the questions start popping up… Why would we hire Kim’s Website Design? What can she and her team do for me? And much more. So read on to see if you can find the answers, but if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, then I am one call away… (Maybe 2 if I am in a meeting hehe).

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Kim’s Websites & Marketing is a mixture of strategic and creative developers, writers, marketers, project managers that wants to bring your projects to life! We treat you and your business as if it is the only business in the world! We don’t just make websites, we want you to achieve your goals and dreams with it, it has the potential to take you from 0 to 100 so why not invest in it?!

My own father had spent thousands and thousands on websites, that never eventuated or that were just half done. This not only broke my heart, because he is my world, and he deserved the world from working so hard all of his life, raising us 5 girls, running his printing business – which still runs to this day. Check out his website:, but back to the story… so this heartache seeing him get mucked around, set me off on a quest to make websites for him myself. Luckily, there came new technologies such as WordPress and other website builders which I started to learn little by little. So it was a success, but I soon started to see that my dad wasn’t the only one being taken for a ride or running into these same problems. Friends, family and then others, it was happening way more often than my heart could handle, so this lit my fire to change this industry and to change the way we provide this service, so Kim’s Websites was created and we are here to bring your ideas to life.

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