6 Website and Design Facts That Will Grant You Success

Website Design Facts

The importance of design is incredibly essential to everyday life. They help make life easier, functional and organised – three things that your audience and customers want to feel when they visit your website. There’s no physical contact or assistance in the digital world, when people visit your business’ website, they’re on their own exploring and navigating it by themselves. So if you can’t make them feel that your site is easy, functional and organized, you will lose potential sales from that – choking the business in the process.

So how do you deliver these three essential parts to your audience? We got that covered for you. Here are six website and design facts that will surely bring your site to the forefront.

Social media is about the people. Not about the business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.

Hop on to what’s trending and interact with the community through the comments section, chat boxes, reviews and all forms of communication that you can access with your audience. Being hands on with them helps build rapport – they will feel valued, cared for and noticed. Provide memes or even inside jokes that you and your audience can share openly without restrictions. Organically making them like, share and follow each of your announcements, deals and offers.

Three of the most readable fonts are: Bembo, Bodoni and Garamond

An amazing content can be easily ignored if it has the wrong font. The articles that you display should be readable enough even for people who wear eyeglasses. Good fonts can even hide spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar because it’s relaxing enough for the eye. Among the best fonts are Bembo, Bodoni and Garamond which has a typography style popularly used in books. Other classic fonts can also be chosen as long as it doesn’t have a unique way of spelling a letter to avoid confusion and miscommunication with the reader.

Yellow creates happiness and excitement

Brighten up someone’s day through the color yellow. Match this color up with titles for content that could be boring for some people. Making the story pop out more without taking an overly serious tone. Special offers, especially discounts or marked down prices, are great to match with the color yellow and highlighting a friendly price and a deal that shouldn’t be missed. Yellows are also awesome with food businesses. This color makes people happy, an emotion that will drive people to eat with peers, family or sit beside random strangers and still feel that joyful feeling.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Finding purpose is what drives people to continue their everyday life. They think the same when they buy products, even choosing between a good shampoo can be debating. Some people choose this brand because it gives hair volume, some people choose that brand because it reduces dandruff and some people choose such brand because it is believed that it will make your hair grow faster. Not every product can satisfy everyone but just be purposeful enough to a good sum of groups.

It’s your job to figure out on how you can serve that specific group and how well you can execute it. Think of your target audience first before you produce the product or offers. Your product should have a niche or strength of it’s own that will invite customers in and potentially ask for more. What is the goal? Affordability for the masses? Convenience packed into one product? Or a luxurious and high quality item that can last for ages? Serve such specific areas and you’ve got a goal.

The best marketing strategy is caring

Don’t sell anything you don’t even want to buy or try out. Never half-heartedly give something out. Always aim for the average, above average and beyond average. This can be handled through great customer service. Be on time, be responsive, guide them as much as you can, handle service or products like they’ve been packaged to keep safe and be polite. Customers will always come back if they feel like they’ve been treated swiftly and professionally.

Coloured images are easier to remember than black and white

Images and graphics are important for any form of media as they help visualize the message you’re trying to convey. Colored images and graphics are better to use because they are more vibrant and easy to understand. Colors also carry their own messages. Especially for red and green colors that convey stop and go or right and wrong. People think with color as well in their everyday lives, it’s a part of human instinct to understand life through colors.

These are just a few examples, this is a part of our quick tip resources which we aim to continually give you bite sized information so you can try them in your business and see the differences.

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