6 web secrets to unlock your local business potential in 2022

Unlock your local business potential in 2022

With over 4.5 billion people using the internet worldwide, your business being off the web is one of the biggest risks you can take today. Without doubt, there are still so many other ways of marketing your business out there without necessarily using digital platforms. But the impact of these old school methods is shrinking every other day that passes. People now feel more comfortable dealing with brands that have an online presence.

However, being on the internet alone is not enough to get you paying customers. There’s a lot of competition on most of these digital platforms and getting your message to reach your target market will require you to do things a little different. In this post, I am going to share with you 6 web secrets to unlock your business potential in 2021

  • Make sure your business is on google maps

Do you notice that whenever you search for any service or product using google search, there are always 3 or 4 local businesses that appear among the top results? This is not by mistake, there’s something that these businesses do to get there. For your business to be among those results, it has to be on google maps. What you have to do is add your business on google maps as place, claim your listing and then edit your business profile by adding your business information and 3 or 4 photos. All this is done through google my business. So, you will need to open a google my business account to get started.

  • Encourage your customers to write positive reviews about your business

A business that has positive reviews on google maps and Facebook will always be highly ranked by search engines mainly google. Of course, before asking for reviews, make sure you give your customers the best possible services whenever you’re called to task.

  • Add your local contact details on your google my business and Facebook

While completing your profile on Facebook and google my business, make sure you add your local phone number with the country code and your real location. This will increase your rank in search engines when someone in your area searches for anything related to the services you offer. You also need to add local content on your website if you have one

  • Take advantage of google posts

There are posts that you can create using Google my business and they appear in google search results whenever someone searches something similar to that. These posts have a high rank in search engines that will attract people to view your google my business profile

  • Create backlinks for your website

Your website’s address being mentioned on other high traffic websites will drastically increase its ranking in search engine results. Make sure the websites that have these backlinks are local websites. This will require you to build relationships with local website owners. You can start by adding their links in your content and then later ask them to return the favor

  • Reply your customers promptly on all digital platforms

While a customer is looking for any product or service online, they tend to text a couple of companies/businesses offering the same service. The one that gives feedback faster will have the high chances of getting that customer.


Utilizing the above tips consistently for a couple of months will surely change your brand’s image on various digital marketing services platforms. However, it is not necessary to be on all digital platforms. Try to maintain the ones that are relevant to your business and give them maximum attention. You may choose to start with 2 or 3. Choose those that your target customers are most likely to use. This will require you to do some homework