5 Things Only Successful Business Websites Understand

Websites tailored to Your Business.

It’s 10 PM in the night at my cozy home, I’m browsing through websites on the internet and I look for advice on how to organise or improve my life. In some occasions, I double check facts that I learned throughout the day whenever I’m bored or read some casual breaking news. As I type these on Google, I am always led to well established brands and other brands that I never heard of before. Be it a motivational book or some random fun facts that will eventually lead to a referral link of some store’s advertised product. I don’t get bothered much by this type of sales since it came naturally written or placed within the website. In some cases, I genuinely enjoy the website and stay for long hours. Then unconsciously, I’ve gone and shared their blogs through my social media accounts.

This kind of impact is what you want to keep your visitors or customers engaged on your store’s websites. No matter what type of business you’re running, keeping a potential customer invested is one of the greatest achievements in the marketing department. The same sensation you feel when you impulsively add things you don’t need to your online cart from your fave store.

Websites that stand out.

Among these successful websites they all share five common things that helped create it’s mark in the wild search engine and interactive appeal in their website.

1. Great design

Everyone nowadays is invested in portable screens that they keep their eyes on for almost most of their entire day. Having a visually pleasing website not only showcase a respectable and credible brand but also helps some sense of relaxation and pleasing tone from aesthetically approved designs. Not only would it look incredibly smart but it will also show professionalism in service.

2. Testimonials

Products are fact checked, reviewed and researched by most people in the current age because of the convenience of fast information provided by the internet. You might have even stumbled upon some YouTubers with channels dedicated to reviewing products and services. One bad review can send your business downhill really fast. So it’s best to place screenshots, personal written reviews or even videos of satisfied customers enjoying the service. Additionally, you can have Google reviews or Trustpilot integrated to your websites.

3. Responsiveness

In the decade of the 2010s, people have gotten used to getting things fast and automated. Computers and new found ideas have changed the world to a much more convenient and comfortable world to live in. Because of this, something as small as waiting for a small period of time can send some customers feeling impatient or worse irritated. Customers now can even complain without you knowing by posting their own personal review through their social media profiles. A small thing like this can ruin the reputation of the business no matter how well you’ve done throughout the start.

So how do you answer and serve your customers on time? Well its best to come up a solid system and management to keep a good flow of passing on the service or product. Next is to take advantage of applications that can help you administer certain departments of your business that needs improvement. The best applications you should use are those who has numerous integration with third party applications and automated tasks such as chat bots.

4. Great content

One of the best ways to get clicks on your website or to put your website on the top of the search engine is through blogging or content writing of announcement, offers and write ups that are related to your business. These articles should be well written enough to keep customers or visitors engaged in reading. Having no loose ends, any grammatical errors or biased reviews that might turn off readers. Postings should be kept up to date to make customers know that the business is still up and running.

5. Mobile compatibility

Your website should also run smoothly on a smaller screen and be mobile or tablet ready so customers can access your services in their most convenient locations. It should have a clear navigation on where to tap and type. Things like videos that automatically play by its own should not be encouraged and pictures should only be distributed between a good amount of two to four depending on the context of your articles. This is to help avoid lags and customers waiting for movement on your website. Your website’s accessibility on mobile is also part of your service’s responsiveness and should not be ignored. Most importantly, the structure should be easy enough to understand and have a design familiar enough to the computer version of the website for a clean design on branding.